Working with your Zettelkasten – when you read articles about this – goes hand in hand with using Dropbox. When you want to access your files (Zettel) from anywhere, Dropbox comes in handy. (I don’t want to rant about iCloud; I definitely do not use it and never would…).
So, it’s nice, when I am en route and can access my Zettelkasten from the iPad. Fine.
But I do not want to put too much trust in cloud based services. Shit happens – I have to be offline cos my internet provider has technical problems, a Dropbox server crashes, the US or their Allies may switch off the Internet to keep us under total control or…

Doveryai, no proveryai – trust, but verify (Russian proverb).


I keep my Zettel, which are too valuable to me to rely on anybody, first and foremost on my system (and backed up on external HDDs of course). When I’m not at home I can work with my Zettelkasten on the iPad, because I regularly load the Zettelkasten folder to 1Writer via iTunes (it only takes a few seconds for some thousand Zettel since we’re dealing with .txt files only). That’s it. I even do not need to be online for that. And to update my main folder with all the new Zettel and/or changes I did on the iPad, I just copy the folder from 1Writer to my HD. As simple as that.

P.S.: Yes, I still use Dropbox. It’s my free extra backup for the Zettelkasten.

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